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September 26, 2012


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T  O  R  A  D  O  R  A

Toradora - TaigaBlush by TBplzToradora - TaigaTouch by TBplzToradora - Taigashouts by TBplzToradora - Taigacry by TBplzToradora - Taigawhat by TBplzToradora - Chu by TBplzToradora - one more by TBplzToradora - One more! by TBplzToradora - Taiga blushing smile by TBplzToradora - Taigatimid by TBplzToradora - TaigaFood by TBplzToradora - Taigauhmwhat? by TBplzToradora - Taigaboring by TBplzToradora - let's go by TBplzToradora - Arm grab by TBplzToradora - Taiga another smile by TBplzToradora - Taiga annoyed by TBplzToradora - Taiga shake by TBplz

K  -  O  N

MioHug by TBplzMioFaints by TBplzRealy by TBplzK-ON - Yui wah~ by TBplzK-ON - Yui break down by TBplzK-ON - Mio no no no no! by TBplzK-ON - Do want! by TBplz
K  -  O  N - Yui no no no by TBplzK  -  O  N - Hug by TBplzK  -  O  N - Yui But... by TBplzK  -  O  N - Yui drama by TBplzK  -  O  N - Yui Oooh by TBplzK-ON - Yui twiddle by TBplz:K-On 1 by TBplzK-On 2 by TBplzK-On 3 by TBplzK-On 4 by TBplzK-on 6 by TBplzK-on 7 by TBplzK-on 8 by TBplzK-on 9 by TBplzK-on 10 by TBplzK-on 11 by TBplzK-on 12 by TBplzK-on 13 by TBplzK-on 14 by TBplzK-on 15 by TBplzK-on 16 by TBplzK-on 17 by TBplzK-on 18 by TBplzK-on 19 by TBplzK-on 20 by TBplzK-on 21 by TBplz

H  Y  O  U  K  A

ChitadaUhm by TBplzwhat's that by TBplzOrekiHeh by TBplzOrekiPetting by TBplzHyouka - Oreki blush by TBplzHyouka - Oreki another blush by TBplzHyouka - Here by TBplzHyouka - Hmp! by TBplzHyouka - Oreki nervous smile by TBplzHyouka - Shake by TBplzHyouka - Pap by TBplzHyouka - Oreki what?! by TBplzHyouka - Oreki surprised by TBplzHyouka - Chitanda really? by TBplzHyouka - Misaki really? by TBplzHyouka - Oreki gives up by TBplz

K  I  M  I    N  I    T  O  D  O  K  E

Kimi ni todoke - Kazehaya smiles by TBplzKimi ni todoke - Kazehaya smiles... again by TBplzKimi ni todoke - Kazehaya nerves by TBplzKimi ni todoke - Kazehaya blushes by TBplzKimi ni todoke - Kurumi cry by TBplzKimi ni todoke - Kurumi turn by TBplzKimi ni todoke - Sawako huh? by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 1 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 2 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 3 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 4 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 5 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 6 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 7 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 8 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 9 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 10 by TBplz:new: Kimi ni Todoke 11 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 12 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 13 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 14 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 15 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 16 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 17 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 18 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 19 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 20 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 21 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 22 by TBplzKimi ni Todoke 23 by TBplz

L  O  V  E  L  Y    C  O  M  P  L  E  X

LoveCom - Otani blushing by TBplzLoveCom - First kiss by TBplzLoveCom - Otani serious stare by TBplzLoveCom - Risa cry by TBplzLoveCom - Otani what? by TBplzLoveCom - Otani cleans by TBplzLoveCom - Risa confident by TBplzLoveCom - Fell asleep by TBplzLoveCom - Risa tearing up by TBplz

H  I  G  A  S  H  I    N  O    E   D  E  N

Higashi no Eden - W-What? by TBplzHigashi no Eden - First Kiss by TBplzHigashi no Eden - Nervous by TBplzHigashi no Eden - Kiss by TBplzHigashi no Eden - Put something on! by TBplz

H  A  N  A  S  A  K  U    I  R  O  H  A

Turn around by TBplzWalkin' alone by TBplzTearing up 2 by TBplzCute smile by TBplz

O  U  R  A  N    H  I G  H    S  C  H  O  O  L     H  O  S  T    C  L  U  B

OHSHC - Tamaki smile by TBplzOHSHC - Tamaki wink by TBplzOHSHC - Tamaki desperado by TBplzOHSHC - Tamaki this can't be by TBplz

T  A  M  A  K  O  -  M  A  R  K  E  T

Tamako Market 1 by TBplzTamako Market 2 by TBplzTamako Market 4 by TBplzTamako Market 3 by TBplzTamako Market 6 by TBplzTamako Market 5 by TBplzTamako Market 7 by TBplzTamako Market 8 by TBplzTamako Market 9 by TBplzTamako Market 10 by TBplzTamako Market 11 by TBplzTamako Market 13 by TBplzTamako Market 14 by TBplzTamako Market 15 by TBplzTamako Market 16 by TBplzTamako Market 18 by TBplzTamako Market 19 by TBplzTamako Market 20 by TBplzTamako Market 21 by TBplzTamako Market 22 by TBplzTamako-Market-23 by TBplzTamako Market 24 by TBplzTamako Market 25 by TBplzTamako Market 26 by TBplzTamako Market 27 by TBplz

:new:I  S  S  H  U  U  K  A  N    F  R  I  E  N  D  S

Isshuukan Friends 1 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 2 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 3 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 4 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 5 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 6 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 7 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 8 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 9 by TBplzIsshuukan Friends 10 by TBplz

:new:M  E  K  A  K  U  C  I  T  Y    A  C  T  O  R  S

Mekakucity Actors 1 by TBplzMekakucity Actors 2 by TBplzMekakucity Actors 3 by TBplzMekakucity Actors 4 by TBplzMekakucity Actors 5 by TBplzMekakucity Actors 6 by TBplzMekakucity Actors 7 by TBplz

I  N  U   x   B  O  K  U
Sincere smile by TBplz
Inu x Boku SS - Ririchiyo Blush by TBplzInu x Boku SS - DokiDoki by TBplzInu x Boku SS - Karuta Fly by TBplzInu x Boku SS - Food by TBplzInu x Boku SS - NomNom by TBplzInu x Boku SS - What? by TBplz 
Inu x Boku SS 1 by TBplzInu x Boku SS 2 by TBplz

H  I  Y  O  K  O  I

Tearing up by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori scared by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori nervous by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori embarrassed by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori greets by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori laughs by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori trembles by TBplzHiyokoi - Hiyori touched by TBplz

T  O  N  A  R  I   N  O   K  A  I  B  U  T  S  U  -  K  U  N

Tonari no kaibutsu-kun - Uhm... by TBplzTonari no kaibutsu-kun - That you what? by TBplz
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru creepy 1 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru creepy 2 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru creepy 3 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru flattered by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Natsume touched by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru and Shizuku kiss by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru happy by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru flushed smile by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Shizuku rage by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru cries by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru blushes by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Shizuku blocks by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Shizuku, give in! by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Haru smiles by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Shizuku scared by TBplz:new:Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 18 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun 19 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun 20 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun 21 by TBplzTonari no Kaibutsu-kun 22 by TBplz

K A M I S A M A - H A J I M E M A S H I T A

Kamisama Hajimemashita 1  by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 2 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 3 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 4  by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 5 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 6 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 7 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 8 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 9 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 10 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 11 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 12 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 13 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 14 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 15 by TBplzKamisama Hajimemashita 16 by TBplz

K  Y  O  U  K  A  I    N  O    K  A  N  A  T  A 

Kyoukai no Kanata 1 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 2 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 3 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 4 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 5 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 6 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 7 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 8 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 9 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 10 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 11 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 12 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 13 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 14 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 15 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 16 by TBplzKyoukai no Kanata 17 by TBplz

L U C K Y - S T A R

Lucky Star 1 by TBplzLucky Star 2 by TBplzLucky Star 3 by TBplzLucky Star 4 by TBplzLucky Star 5 by TBplzLucky Star 6 by TBplzLucky Star 7 by TBplzLucky Star 8 by TBplzLucky Star 9 by TBplzLucky Star 10 by TBplzLucky Star 11 by TBplzLucky Star 12 by TBplzLucky Star 13 by TBplzLucky Star 14 by TBplzLucky Star 15 by TBplzLucky Star 16 by TBplzLucky Star 17 by TBplzLucky Star 18 by TBplzLucky Star 19 by TBplzLucky Star 20 by TBplzLucky Star 21 by TBplzLucky Star 22 by TBplzLucky Star 23 by TBplzLucky Star 24 by TBplzLucky Star 25 by TBplzLucky Star 26 by TBplzLucky Star 27 by TBplzLucky Star 28 by TBplzLucky Star 29 by TBplzLucky Star 30 by TBplzLucky Star 31 by TBplzLucky Star 32 by TBplz

K  A  T  A  N  A  G  A  T  A  R  I

Katanagatari - Kiss by TBplzKatanagatari - Baka! by TBplzKatanagatari - Togame embarrassed by TBplzKatanagatari - Togame blush by TBplz

:new:N  O  R  A  G  A  M  I

Noragami 1 by TBplzNoragami 2 by TBplzNoragami 3 by TBplzNoragami 4 by TBplzNoragami 5 by TBplzNoragami 6 by TBplzNoragami 7 by TBplzNoragami 8 by TBplzNoragami 9 by TBplzNoragami 10 by TBplz


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Yoko smile by TBplzTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Yoko jealous by TBplz
Soul Eater:
Soul Eater - Maka hmp! by TBplzSoul Eater - Soul hmp! by TBplz
Kaicho wa Maid-sama!:
KWMS! - Misaki eeeh? by TBplzKWMS! - Kissu by TBplz
Adventure Time:
AT - Oppa gangnam style by TBplz

Glad smile by TBplz
Homestuck - Gamzee happy cry by TBplzHomestuck - Karkat u will die by TBplzHomestuck - John oh mai~ by TBplz
Howl's Moving Castle:
Howl's Moving Castle - Glomp by TBplz
Durarara 1 by TBplzDurarara 2 by TBplz
Little Witch Academia:
Little Witch Acadamia - What?! by TBplz
Ranma 1/2
Ranma 1/2 - Smile by TBplzRanma 1/2 -  Awn by TBplzRanma 1/2 - Angry by TBplz
Sword Art Online

SAO - smile by TBplzSAO - Heh! by TBplzSAO - Gentle smile by TBplz
Bokuwa Tomodachi Ga Sukenai
Whaaat? by TBplzWhat did you say? by TBplz
Little smile by TBplz

U  N  K  N  O  W   N

Ear twitch by TBplzHard cry by TBplz
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